Have a slow weekend…

…because it feels as though the rest of the world is moving at a neck-breaking pace.

Last weekend we planned to be luxury glamping in the Alps, when my husband suddenly came down with a mysterious stomach pain. He checked into the hospital with what we thought was appendicitis and six long, confusing days later he checked out feeling better (appendix still intact).

Our vision of mountain sunsets and Swiss spas gave way to the cold, sterile reality of a hospital room: Needles, monitors beeping, French medical terms and nurses scurrying in and out. Hospitals have a way of putting things in perspective, to say the least, so we’ve been celebrating every day since being reunited as a family.

Yesterday evening we took off on a spontaneous after-dinner bike ride. We strapped the baby into his bike seat and flew down the hill towards Lake Geneva. The orange sun was still refusing to set over the reflecting, rippling water although it was nearly 9 p.m. We cruised along the waterfront, feeling the breeze on our skin and smiling to each other. As we pedaled back up the hill where our apartment building lies, I thought we’re the luckiest people in the world. And I’ll take that reminder over a vacation anywhere, any day.

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Photo from A Weekend in Burgundy


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