Small town vacation: Beaufort, N.C.


Life is slow in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Syrup-y slow.

Rocking-chair-, sipping-iced-tea-, watching-the-sunset-slow.

Which is a good thing because it gives you a chance to notice all of the charm packed into this small town at the southern end of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. My family’s been vacationing here for more than a decade, so we’ve had plenty of time to see everything that Beaufort has to offer. There are 15 restaurants and seven churches. I think we’ve visited them all. That’s not why we keep coming back.

We keep returning for the pace of life. A true vacation pace.


Beaufort is the kind of place where you’ll start taking a “morning constitution” and an afternoon nap — and call it a pretty full day. Even the Pirate Blackbeard took a break from his looting and pillaging lifestyle to retire in Beaufort. Historians say he purposefully ran his ship aground just offshore and settled down with a nice, local girl. (That is, before he was beheaded by the Royal British Navy.)

Suffice to say, Beaufort has long held a reputation for being a restful respite.


Should you visit Beaufort? It’s not Paris, New York or even Charleston. Beaufort is smaller, quieter and a bit sleepier. But you will be charmed by this special place. I recommend you:

Have a coffee with the locals. CRU Coffee Shop is where you will find them, reading the Carteret County News-Times every morning.

Rent a bicycle. A beach cruiser, if possible. Better yet, take a Hungry Town bicycle tour.

Check out the local craft. Peek in the Watercraft Center to see how wooden boats are made. Then, head across the street to the Maritime Museum to learn about Blackbeard.

Have a waterfront drink. Watch the sun set from the Stillwater Rhum Bar. Thank me later!

Stalk the wild horses. Grab a ferry or a kayak to visit the Rachel Carson Reserve on nearby Carrot Island. There you can watch the wild horses in their natural habitat.

Get the fish of the day. Beaufort Grocery Company is the best spot for local flounder.

Stop in for a night cap. Have a craft beer at the rowdy Backstreet Pub or a martini next door at the too-cool bar Aqua.


The photo is cute, but it gave me a heart attack when my dad propped up the baby like that!

We always leave Beaufort well-fed, well-rested and feeling a bit more connected to each other. I can’t say enough good things about this sweet town, but please don’t tell everyone. We’d like to keep it a small town. If you are interested in more reasons why you should try a vacation in Beaufort, N.C., read this article in Our State magazine.



6 thoughts on “Small town vacation: Beaufort, N.C.

  1. Careful Paige. Beaufort sounds similar to Shelter Island and sooo much press the last couple of years has bumped up tourism. Beaufort def on my bucket list now. Sounds like my kind of heaven.

  2. It’s always a good start to my day when I see a post from Bakersfield Blonde. Grant is adorable and I’m so happy you and Bryce enjoyed a beautiful Beaufort visit with him!

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