Ingenious scarf for travel

The Speakeasy scarf can hide all your travel valuables.
The Speakeasy scarf can hide all your travel valuables.

Professional traveler Bethany Salvon will be the first to admit she can be a little obsessive about keeping her passport from getting stolen or lost—“fanatic” is the word she used when referring to her well-worn book…but not fanatical enough to compromise her sense of style.

“I hate those money belts; I just can’t bring myself to wear one,” Salvon said, the co-founder of uber-popular travel blog Beers & Beans. Frustrated with the lack of choices, Salvon sewed a hidden, passport-sized pocket into an infinity scarf and the Speakeasy Passport Scarf was born.

“The one thing I always have with me when I travel is a scarf; from keeping warm on the plane to dressing up a boring travel outfit,” Salvon said. “One day the idea just dawned on me.”

Salvon taught herself to sew and started selling a few of the scarves on Etsy. When other bloggers took notice and started recommending the nifty travel accessory, the business “kind of exploded,” Salvon said.


Today, Speakeasy Supply Co. features scarves in a wide variety of fabric weights, colors and patterns—all secured with “never fail” double-stitched pockets and self-locking zippers. The hidden pocket is roomy enough to stash one’s passport, money, keys—even a flask, as one fan pointed out online.

Some of the bestselling scarves have been made with fabric Salvon picked up while on her adventures, such as multi-colored woven fabric from Guatemala and a lightweight, check fabric from Jordan.

“I try to stock products that can meet all kinds of travel needs: fleece, sweater mitt, cotton and a lightweight rayon that actually has a cooling effect, if you are going to Thailand or somewhere hot,” Salvon said.

I’m one of those people in line at the airport who has to dig through her entire carry-on–only to realize my passport is in my back pocket. When I came across this ingenious scarf, I just knew I had to share it with my friends.

Check out the rest of my article on Also, check out Speakeasy’s travel scarf on their website or Etsy shop. Bethany Salvon says the best way to order a scarf is to contact her directly and ask for photos of the latest fabric; the inventory is always changing.


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