Two Days in Cannes, France


Three days before our trip to Cannes I looked up the weather forecast and found “100% thunderstorms” predicted for the whole weekend. Not just rain symbols, not just lightning, but red exclamation points indicating “severe, dangerous weather.” Floods. Hurricanes. Apocalypse.

To say the least, I was bummed.

The French Riviera/Cote d’Azur/South of France/whatever you want to call it is famous for its sunshine. The area’s slogan is actually “300 days of sunshine.” Moreover, I had made no plans for the weekend outside of napping on the beach and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.


Well, it did rain. For about 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon. Twenty minutes we spent lying on the beach, frowning and trying to decide if we should head in. I thought Well, fun’s over.

Then the rain stopped. The dark clouds parted and a big, gorgeous lemon of a sun popped out!


We sunned, we swam, we drank rosé on the beach. I was so relaxed I forgot to take photos or Instagram. No regrets here. Even without the “evidence,” it was a day I’ll never forget.



On Sunday we took a boat from Cannes to Île Sainte-Marguerite–a lush, uninhabited island formerly used as a prison. Supposedly, the Man in the Iron Mask was kept here in the 1600s.

We kept making jokes that we would have been happy to have been imprisoned here! Too insensitive? Simply put, the island is a slice of heaven. Rambling walking paths, lush foliage, clear waters, secluded beaches. We felt like we had been shipwrecked on a desert island…



…except that there is one, swanky restaurant on the island. La Guérite. Accessible only by boat.



After two cocktails we practically melted into the scenery. The French know how to live well and on the Cote d’Azur they take it to the next level. This sign on Île Sainte-Marguerite says it all.


What would be on the signs on your worry-free island? I might add “weather concerns” since I find myself putting an inordinately large emphasis on its role in my happiness (maybe it’s the Californian in me). It’s something I really need to work on…but for now, a few links:


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